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Finance Salaries - All Things 'Money' Aside

The most popular non-cash remuneration benefits within the Australian Finance Industry revealed, based on salaries in finance and banking on
'Compare your Salary'

SMF Recruitment's Salary Portal shows that the majority of Australians - 60% - within the Banking and Finance industry earn bonuses or commissions in addition to their base annual salary, at an average of $20,672 (and a medium of $2,750, across 442 salaries).

There are also a number of 'non-cash' benefits received by Banking and Finance sector employees also. From company paid training to gym membership and stock options, we analyse the results from SMF Recruitment's 'Compare your Salary' Portal, and uncover exactly what they are and who is lucky enough to be attaining them!


If it's bonuses and commissions that float your financial boat, then the Business and Corporate Banking sector is where you should aim your next move, as 83% of those within the field receive an average of $7,000 per year in addition to their annual salary. The highest bonuses crown however belongs to those in Investment Banking, with 78% earning a medium of $45,000 in addition to their annual base salary.

On the opposite end of the scale are those the Bank Officers/Tellers, with only 22% receiving bonuses. Of the remaining 14 sectors within the finance industry on the Compare your Salary website, an average of 63% reap the benefits of commissions on top of their base salary.

Non-cash benefits within the finance industry:

'Company paid training' is at the very top of the list, which 19% of all Australians across the financial field are receiving. 13% receive a mobile phone allowance, along with 10% for both flexible working hours and stock options. 8% are encouraged to get those muscles working through either a gym or health club membership. Following close behind are the 7% of those with a car allowance, car park and health care subsidies. At the very bottom of the non-cash benefits list according to 'Compare your Salary' survey data, just 5% can boast that they receive additional superannuation or extra annual leave and overtime payments on top of their annual base salary. To round things off, we could only find 1 person from over 400 banking and finance professionals that is currently offered child day care facilities.

Salaries in Finance

Most Popular Non-cash benefits BY SECTOR within the finance industry:

Below is a table with a detailed breakdown of the non-cash benefits listed on 'Compare your Salary' website and which sectors within the Australian finance industry rank at the top of the heap! How did you compare?

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*Figures correct as at February, 2009


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