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Welcome to, your free online resource that provides up to date data on what employees in the Australian Banking and Finance Industry really earn.

SMF Recruitment bring to you a snapshot of the key facts and figures compiled from our real time 'Compare Your Salary' Portal. This is a free portal where Australian Banking and Finance professionals share their salary and remuneration information. Below is a selection of reports based on the salary profiles submitted to the salary portal.

See how your salary compares to the average salary within your sector; browse available banking and finance jobs or tell us, all things being equal, how much MORE money would it take to convince you to move to a NEW job with similar conditions to your current job? Tell us now through Name Your Price!


Does Size Really Matter?
A report that questions whether salaries paid in Australian Banking and

Finance jobs
are impacted by Company size.

The Great Salary Divide
The results of our
finance salary survey and a comparison between men and women: Who really earns more?

The Impact of Experience and Tertiary Education
The impact of a higher education and greater hands on exprience on the average Australian
Banking and Finance salary.

Show me the Money!
The highest and lowest paid finance positions in Australia, based on the
average finance salary.

All Things Money Aside
The most popular non-cash remuneration benefits within the Australian Banking and Finance Industry revealed. [Based on
salaries in finance and banking on 'Compare your Salary']

Fast Facts

- The average base salary within the Australian Banking and Finance industry. [Includes 9% superannuation, not including cash benefits]

$22,995 - The salary increase that is required, on average, to convince an employee in the Australian Banking and Finance industry to move to a new job with similar conditions to their current job.

13% - The percentage of employers within the Australian Banking and Finance industry who offer Mobile phone allowances.

* Figures based on a survey of over 400 Australian Banking and Finance Specialists. Data current as at March 2009.
Data Source: SMF Recruitment '
Compare Your Salary'
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