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Does Size Really Matter?

A report that questions whether salaries paid in Australian banking and
finance jobs are impacted by Company size.

We have surveyed over 400 banking and finance specialists (so far!) on the impact the size of the company you work for has on your salary and reveal the figures we have captured to date here …

So, just how much do salaries differ between positions in the Banking and Finance sector for a small or medium business versus a larger corporation? Recent reports have indicated that the short answer to this is, significantly.


In a 2008 survey by Australian site 'Whirlpool', Finance and I.T specialists found that those people who worked in a similar role but for a smaller company often received a higher salary. The rationale behind this was that a higher salary is required by smaller companies, as the individual assumes greater responsibilities and available resources/personnel are limited in comparison to larger companies. In addition to this, career progression is limited as there isn't as much room for growth within a small company. Finally, there is the notion that smaller companies are willing to pay more to keep you as the scope of the individual's role can be much greater and less easy to replicate.

In other reports however, the finding above appears to be the exception rather than the rule, as the bigger the company, the bigger the bucks!

In Peter Day's BBC News World Edition piece, 'Get rid of the Hierarchies', it is argued that a higher salary is almost always necessary as it can be a key driver in attracting and retaining employees to one large organisation over another, where employees can be seen as 'just a number'. And of course, there is also the simple notion that the bigger the company, the more money there is available to spend.

Using data collected in the first 6 months of SMF Recruitment's 'Compare your Salary' portal, here is a glance at just how big (or small!) the gap is between large corporations and smaller businesses within the banking and finance sector. Job roles highlighted in red indicate when the median salary is higher at a large business compared to small or medium size businesses.

Total Survey Respondents so far: 401.

Click here to check the updated salary figures on the SMF Salary website.


The majority of Banking and Finance roles appaer to receive higher salaries at large businesses. However, there were some notable exceptions to this rule with Analysts, Funds Management, Managers, Mortgages/Lending, Stockbroking and Superannuation employees earning more at small and medium businesses.

*Figures based on median total salary package, inclusive of 9% superannuation, exclusive of non-cash benefits, on permanent/full time employment. Figures are in Australian dollars and are correct as at 1st March 2009.

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