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The Great Salary Divide

The results of our finance salary survey are in and we compare men and women to address the debate:
Who really earns more?

The contest between who really earns more between Australian men and women is an age old question that has been at the crux of many debates over the past 20-30 years.

According to a study conducted by The Financial Express in 2005, male CEO's are earning a staggering 567% more than
female CEO's.

We put the question to the test using data from SMF Recruitment's 'Compare Your Salary' portal. All of the figures below are based on data collected through the comparative salary website, from June 2008 to January 2009, from those who are employed on a full-time basis only and who categorised themselves as 'Banking and Finance' sector specialists. All figures below are inclusive of 9% superannuation and do not include non-cash benefits. The majority (72%) of the 400 Banking and Finance sector respondents were male.


Salary Survey Data

According to the salary survey data from over 400 employees compiled from SMF Recruitment's 'Compare Your Salary' Portal - the winners are MALES, earning an average of 25.8% more than females across the Australian Banking and Finance industry. Bank Officer/Teller and Business and Corporate Banking were the only roles where females took the win, earning a little over 3% and
15.3% more than males.

* All figures are inclusive of 9% superannuation, not including cash benefits.

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