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The highest and lowest paid finance positions in Australia, based on the average finance salary.

According to Fast Company's '25 Top Jobs for 2005-2009', 'Personal Financial Adviser' came in a strong first, though this may not come as surprising news to some in the wake of the current economic situation. The position is predicted to experience very strong job growth, almost 35% through 2012, with salary prospects 'among the very best.'

The Banking and Finance sector as a whole was ranked 7 of the top 10 fields from a job prospect perspective, with a warning that 'Financiers should prepare to be especially flexible in 2009. Those people will need to take a look at reinventing themselves. They'll have to figure out where else they can use their skills, and move into other industries.'

With this in mind, we have drilled down on the data compiled by SMF Recruitment's 'Compare Your Salary' portal to bring you the top 5 and bottom 5 paid positions within Australia's finance industry.

Top 5 Paying Salary Profiles Received - Banking and Finance Sector:

Average Finance Salary Survey

According to data collected through 'Compare your Salary', the financial sector holding the most jobs with those earning $100K+ is easily won by those in Investment Banking. 81.6% of Australians within the Investment Banking arena earn over $100K a year, with a further 8% earning over $90,000 per year. The average yearly income for all positions within Investment Banking is $163,500.

Bottom 5 Paying Salary Profiles Received - Banking and Finance Sector:

Average Finance Salary Data

According to data collected through SMF Recruitment's 'Compare your Salary' portal, the financial sector with the lowest average yearly income is Bank Officers and Tellers, with an average yearly salary of $43,000 (averaged across all levels of experience). Retail and Consumer Banking, followed by Settlements come in second and third place respectively with annual salaries ranging between $50,000-$55,000 (averaged across all levels of experience).

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